Bill Buxton's Horse Page


This page has nothing to do with work and everything to do with sanity. The other side of my life has to do with horses and competing in what is known as "Eventing". This is the equestrian equivalent of the triathlon, and is one of the three Olympic equestrian disciplines. Below is a miscellaneous collection of related stuff that is probably only of interest to other riders (who will likely never find this page.)


Misc Photos

Graffiti at Owen Sound Trillium Jumper Show.
Winning jump-off by 5 seconds, and with it overall champion.  Summer  2001
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Matty & me going over Prelim. ski-jump at Foggy River 
Horse Trials, 1995

Matty & Me over Prelim drawbridge at Abernandt Horse Trials 1996

Coming out of the Water, Prelim, Southern Pines Horse 
Trials, Spring 1996

Up, On and Over: Intermediate "Pimple" at Stonehill
Horse Trials, Spring 1997

Graffiti at Kentucky Horse Park, Fall 1997 
(7th individually in Division, 4th in team Challenge)


Horsing around with my friend Ian Roberts at Dreamcrest.
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