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Bill Buxton

This page provides access to a number of video clips illustrating work that I have been involved with over the past 20+ years.  I will keep adding to it as time permits.  With each video, I have tried to provide a date, as well as cross-references to research papers that are related to the video contents.  Virtually everything that I have published in my research career is available on-line, and can be access from  Buxton Research Papers.

Please note that you are encouraged to copy and share any of this material for non-commercial, educational, and research purposes.  Interaction is all about dynamics, and video and cinematic form in general, are critical to helping foster better communication and literacy.

As usual, comments and suggestions are always welcome.

I have split the videos among a number of different pages, each encapsulating a particular period of my research.  I will add new pages as I have time to digitize and arrange the relevant material.
The Structured Sound Synthesis Project (SSSP) The SSSP was a computer music project that I started at the University of Toronto around 1975 and directed until it wound down around 1984.
Input Research Group (IRG) The IRG grew out of the SSSP.  It emerged around 1984, and was especially active from 1989 to about 1995.  It did a lot of work that helped increase our understanding of  theories, techniques and technologies around input and interaction with computer systems.
Ontario Telepresence Project (OTP) The OTP (circa. 1990-94) grew out of work that I was involved with at Xerox's Cambridge EuroPARC, and Xerox PARC, as well as research at the Dynamic Graphics Project at the University of Toronto.  The OTP was a project in rich media supported collaborative work.
Alias Research Group I became Chief Scientist of Alias Research (later Alias|Wavefront, and now Alias Systems) in June of 1994, and resigned in December 2002.  During that time, my research group - which largely grew out of the IRG - did a lot of interesting research in the areas of input and interaction, especially in the domain of computer graphics.