The Use of Non-Speech Audio
at the Interface

William Buxton, Microsoft Research

William Gaver, Goldsmith's College, London , UK

Sara Bly, Sara Bly Consulting, 24511 NW Moreland Road, North Plains, OR 97133, USA

© 1994 William Buxton, William Gaver, Sara Bly

Draft Manuscript

The following is the manuscript of a "work stopped in progress" in 1994.  That is, it is a book that we started, but never finished.  Despite its lack of completion, the manuscript represents a fair bit of work in an area that does not have much of a literature.  And since in the past we have used the manuscript in its various forms for tutorials and courses, and found it of value, and since we are never going to finish it ourselves, we have made it available here in the event that others will be able to benefit from our work.

We present it here in "as is" form.

We also present it with an offer to the qualified and motivated author:  if you want to take it on as a project, feel free to contact us.  If you finish it, you get to be first author.

 In the meantime, we hope that what we offer here provides some value.

Finally, those interested in the topic and the literature are referred to the web page of ICAD, the International Community for Audio Display, and especially the proceedings of their conferences:



Table of Contents:

  0. Preface

  1. Nonspeech Audio: an Introduction.

  2. Acoustics and Psychoacoustics

  3. Auralization:  Representing Data as Sound

  4. Auditory Interfaces

  5. Everyday Listening

  6. Auditory Icons

  7. The Practicalities of Nonspeech Audio

  8. Summary and Future Research

  9. Glossary

10List of Audio Examples

11References and Bibliography